Twice-boiled Guava Jelly

Rich, and smooth, characteristically flavourful spread.



Burned Orange Marmalade is a distinctively different marmalade, darker and with a caramelized wild orange flavour. Twice-boiled Guava Jelly is equally unusual, being a rich, and smooth, characteristically flavourful spread. Both preserves are redolent of the tropics and are delicious on toast or used in elegant desserts.

Busha Browne’s Twice-Boiled Original Guava Jelly available in both 12oz. and 4oz. sizes, Busha Browne’s Original Guava Jelly is excellent in combination with Jerk Seasoning lightly sprinkled on shrimp, salmon or swordfish.

Blended with the best island guava and original cane sugar, grown in limestone drained soil across our island naturally.