A true reflection of the blend of
Jamaica's unique history

est. 1970

Busha Browne Story


Busha Browne was founded in the late 1970s by Winston Stona with Round Hill’s John Pringle, and PanJam’s Maurice Facey. Busha Browne was built on unique and cherished family recipes of over 200 years old inherited by Charlie Browne.

RECIPES RICH IN HISTORY The recipes are rich in history; dating back to the 1800s when Howe Peter Browne; Governor and Vice-Admiral of Jamaica from 1834-35 started a food diary to document his experiences with Jamaica’s dishes and its unique flora and fauna. This family heirloom consisted of high-end and all-natural sauces and condiments, made from a variety of exotic and fresh Jamaican fruits and vegetables, grown on lush and beautiful farms in the heart of Jamaica by small local farmers.
BUSHA BROWNE BRAND The Busha Browne brand was born out of Winston Stona and his partners deep desires to explore value-added products in Jamaica. Our team has been inspired to keep the tradition alive and it is vital for us to have our line of products be enjoyed by many just like it was 200 years ago. Staying true to family tradition, these recipes have been perfected and passed from generation to generation. Busha Browne’s products have been masterfully prepared, bottled and enjoyed by many both locally and abroad. Since its beginning, Busha Browne has maintained its Jamaican authenticity in taste and quality with all products being made from strictly all-natural ingredients and 100% free of artificial additives. Busha Browne continues to flourish under the proprietorship of Associated Manufacturers Limited. As Busha Browne grows we intend to focus intensively on diversifying our portfolio to extend beyond being a brand just known for its sauces and seasonings.
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Jamaican Tradition Preserved

Busha Browne’s authentic spices, jellies and condiments celebrate the exquisite blend of Jamaica’s heritage. Our award-winning, all-natural flavours will transport you to the heart of Jamaica with just one taste, imparting a bold representation of the essence of the island.

Whether integrated into a marinade, grilling or baking, Busha Browne’s products enhance any dish. Our range of products is a true reflection of the blend of Jamaica’s unique history, and one that turns any meal into an authentic Jamaican experience!

Try our exquisite blend of products today, enriched with fresh ingredients, embodying an artisanal quality, and depicting Jamaican tradition preserved.

“Fresh Ingredients, Artisan Quality….. Jamaican Tradition Preserved.”


Jamaican Cookery

As Jamaicans, we put our heart and soul into everything we do—that includes the way we cook. Our cooking is inspired by our rich heritage, which merges to create flavourful meals consisting of unique blends of natural herbs and spices. Busha Browne makes the cooking process easier and more enjoyable by providing you with ready-to-use authentic seasonings, jellies, chutneys and sauces.

As a true Jamaican brand, we believe in quality food and are dedicated to perfecting our product offerings in order to create the perfect and enriching cooking experience.

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