Planter’s Tropical Steak Sauce

An aged sauce of prestige, authentic blend.


Each of the collection of spicy sauces is superlative in it’s own way. Busha Browne’s Planters Steak Sauce. An aged sauce of prestige, this authentic blend of mangoes, raisins, onions, tamarinds, tomatoes, peppers and spices is a trustworthy stalwart to be kept on hand at all times.

Perfect for grilled meats and burgers (whether beef, turkey or soy), this doyen of sauces also transforms casseroles, stews and enhances all meat, fowl and seafood dishes.

Curiously delightful poured over a log of fresh goat cheese. Busha Browne’s Planters Steak Sauce, is a popular flavouring for meats, particularly steak.