4 oz. Gourmet Pack

Four of our favourite condiments...

Packaged for consumers on the go. This Gourmet Gift Pack offers four of our favourite condiments.

It makes the perfect gift and introduces an interesting variety of taste enhancers.

Original Banana Chutney

A spicy chutney based on our sun-ripened Jamaican Bananas, traditionally served with cold meats, chicken and of course, cheese. But it is surprisingly good on top of vanilla ice cream dessert. And it can also add that piquant finishing touch to home made curries...learn more

Original Guava Jelly

Freshly picked Guavas are combined with cane sugar and twice boiled to produce a smooth, rich jelly. Delicious when served on hot buttered wholewheat toast, and makes a perfect accompaniment to roast lamb...learn more

Hot Original Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jellies are the traditional Jamaican Spice-sweet condiment, based on our famous scotch bonnet peppers. 'HOT' pepper jelly is perfect with all meats, hot or cold, and is delicious mixed with cream cheese for dips. It also makes a superb glaze for vegetables...learn more

Authentic Jerk Seasoning

An authentic Jamaican Blend of Herbs and Spices to create a 'HOT' marinade. The tradition of 'JERKING' meat is unique to Jamaica. Originally applied to wild boar in the 17th century, it is now an integral part of Jamaican life. Streetside vendors cook jerked pork and chicken over hot charcoal and branches of pimento. The aroma is irresistible and the taste delicious...learn more